We help students build food access programs.

Free Resources & Mentorship.


About Our Network

Our Mission: To support students in creating community-based food distribution programs by providing resources and mentorship.

Our Vision: Our New food system, where Community Food Security (CFS) is a reality nationwide. CFS is traditionally defined as:

A situation in which all community residents obtain a safe, culturally acceptable, nutritionally adequate diet through a sustainable food system that maximizes community self-reliance and social justice.
— Hamm and Bellows (2003)

We are a network of groups across North America developing models for community-based food distribution, and we've joined together to support new projects in new places. Click here to learn more about our Mentors. 

We believe in a community's ability to provide food for itself—and that students have a part to play in that.


Why Students?

We provide free resources and support for students who want to improve food access in their community.



Meet Our Mentor Organizations

Student groups & nonprofits all over the US & Canada.